Argo Float WMO # 7900330 : Plots based on data files at the GDAC

WMO #: 7900330
PI: Steve Rintoul
DAC #: 4195
WHOI Float #: 1034
Last Heard From: 2012-03-31
Longevity: 70 days
Telcom: IRIDIUM 217856
Telcom: IRIDIUM 217856
Instrument: SS201_SB19
ROM version: 2.01
Temperature: SBE41CP, s/n: 2545
Conductivity: SBE41CP, s/n: 2545
Pressure: Druck, s/n: 2632608
Deployed: 2012-01-11
Latitude: -67.046
Longitude: 145.166
Deployment Platform: Aurora Australis
Cruise ID: V3
Deployer: Esmee van Wijk
GDAC file status:  
Last Update: 2022-03-23
Profiles at GDAC: 15
GDAC D-files: 0
GDAC R-files: 15
Greylist: QC=2
Greylist: QC=4
Greylist: QC=2
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Telemetry plots: WHOI
Links (offsite):  
Data Visualizations: at EuroArgo
Data Visualizations: at ArgoVis
Data Visualizations: at IFREMER
Altimeter Comparison: IFREMER
GDAC (data archive): GODAE
GDAC (data archive): Coriolis
Key: DMQC Status
DMQC Status
Profile Positions
Temperature-Salinity Relation
Deep T-S Relation
Temperature Sections (0-500 dbar)
Salinity Sections (0-500 dbar)
Density Sections (0-500 dbar)
Salt Anomaly Sections (0-500 dbar)
Temperature Sections
Salinity Sections
Density Sections
Salt Anomaly Sections
Temperature Profiles
Salinity Profiles
Density Profiles
Salt Anom Profiles
Temperature QC
Salinity QC
Pressure QC
Surface Fixes
Submerged Displacement
Traj Cycle
Traj Position
Traj Drift 1
Traj Drift 2
Traj Speed
Salinity vs CARS
OW Calibration Adjustment
OW Inputs
Mean Salinity difference (RT vs DM)
GDAC File info

Status of Profile files at the GDAC
Cycle Number
Date of Profile
year   month/day
prof_pres_qc     prof_temp_qc     prof_psal_qc

Creation Date: 2022-05-23
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