Argo Float WMO # 3902246 : Plots based on data files at the GDAC

WMO #: 3902246
PI: WHOI: Wijffels, Jayne, Robbins
DAC #: 8054
WHOI Float #: 7570
Last Heard From: 110-47-97
Longevity: NaN yrs
Telcom: IRIDIUM 7570
Instrument: MRV240_SB30
ROM version: SBE602 15Aug17 ARM V2.4
Temperature: SBE41CP, s/n: 11805
Conductivity: SBE41CP, s/n: 11805
Pressure: Druck, s/n: 11154840
Launched: 1950-01-01
Latitude: 100.650
Longitude: 1015.650
Launch Platform: CABO DE HORNOS
Cruise ID: STRATUS 2020
Launch Deployer: B. Pietro
Last Update: NaN
Profiles at GDAC: 0
GDAC D-files: 0
GDAC R-files: 0
Conductivity Adjustment: n/a
Engineering plots: WHOI
Float Page: IFREMER
Altimeter Comparison: IFREMER
GDAC (data): GODAE
GDAC (data): Coriolis
Index Map
Submerged Displacement
Temperature Contours (0-500 dbar)
Salinity Contours (0-500 dbar)
Density Contours (0-500 dbar)
Salt Anomaly Contours (0-500 dbar)
Temperature Contours
Salinity Contours
Density Contours
Salt Anomaly Contours
Temperature-Salinity Relation
Deep T-S Relation
Temperature Profiles
Salinity Profiles
Density Profiles
Salt Anom Profiles
Temperature QC
Salinity QC
Pressure QC
Surface Fixes
Salinity vs CARS
OW Calibration Adjustment
Mean Salinity difference (RT vs DM)
Date of File Update
Format Version

Status of Profile files at the GDAC
Cycle Number
Date of Profile
year   month/day
prof_pres_qc     prof_temp_qc     prof_psal_qc

Creation Date: 2020-02-28
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