This page links to status reports and plots related to the Delayed-Mode-Quality Control (DMQC) processing of Argo float data at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Status Tables:

Status tables for WHOI ARGO floats are presented for a variety of subsets of the data and sorted by various parameters. The Big Table includes all available information in one table (16 columns wide). The Hardware Table includes only the columns related to the hardware, communications and current float status. The Calibration Tables contain those columns focused on DMQC processing of the data.

Description of table contents.

Big Table Hardware Table Calibration Table Calibration Table
(Sea-bird Only)
Calibration Table
(FSI Only)
Sorted by WHOI Serial# LINK LINK
Sorted by Launch Date LINK LINK
Sorted by Longevity LINK LINK LINK
Sorted by Date of Most Recent LINK LINK LINK
Sorted by Mean Latitude LINK LINK
Sorted by Telecom ID# LINK
Floats with no data at GDAC LINK
Floats with Iridium SOLO-1 LINK LINK
Floats with Iridium S2A LINK LINK
Floats with ARGOS Communication LINK LINK
Floats without WMO ID# LINK

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